September 24, 2022
Mouse detects disease and separates health status after removal from SBT: 'I came here'

Mouse detects disease and separates health status after removal from SBT: ‘I came here’

A mouse discovers the disease and details how it feels in an unpublished video after being fired from his job at SBT

Tuesday afternoon (23), little mouse He surprised SBT viewers by sending an unpublished video to chat. It turned out that the caller was diagnosed for the second time with covid-19 and had to be hastily removed from the channel.

In short, the presenter reported that his program will continue to appear in an unprecedented way in the coming days, since some episodes have already been pre-recorded. He was also surprised by the illness, but said he did not feel any discomfort.

“I came here to give the message that my shows this week will not be released, because I recorded them some time ago. Unfortunately, I got Covid.Mouse admitted.

In addition, he also thanked for the affection he receives on social media since his seclusion began. “Since I’ve had a week of recorded shows still unpublished. I really want to thank you all for your support. I still don’t have any symptoms. My symptom here is wanting to record my show”.


New bet Carlos MassaHey little mousemade a mistake on Tuesday (14) while presenting SBT . Newsa television newscast broadcast by Rede Massa, a subsidiary of Silvio Santos in Parana.

Around Sandro Dalpicoloa former journalist from RPC, a subsidiary of Globo in Paraná, Hired by the broadcaster to confront a rival Carioca. However, the announcer ended up on the way and mentioned the RPC newscast when referring to SBT.