Mp Robert Bussière suffered a malaise in the midst of questions

Le député Robert Bussière subit un malaise en pleine période de questions

Time worrying to the national Assembly of Québec, on Thursday morning, the deputy caquiste of Gatineau, Robert Bussière, has suffered a malaise shortly after question period. Fortunately for him, the deputation were some doctors who were able to rescue him, which the liberal Gaétan Barrette.

Attached directly to the hospital, the deputy Bussière has confirmed to The canadian Press that he was doing well. He had to undergo tests, but he has even stated that the nature of his discomfort was not related to the diabetes he suffers from.

According to what we could learn, Robert Bussière was taken out of the blue room because he was not feeling well. The president of the national Assembly has suspended the work.

The liberal mna for La pinière, Gaétan Barrette, would not have seen anything of the stage as the seats of each of the two elected officials are distant one from the other. The doctor radiologist reports having heard “in the noise” that someone was in need of assistance.

It is, therefore, quickly directed to him and after an examination, he would have administered drugs available on-site, prior to Mr. Bussiere was taken to the hospital.

“It didn’t really, described Mr. Barrette in a telephone interview. I was able to do a minimum of review, especially a questionnaire to assess his situation, which was significant.”

According to him, the mp Bussière should get back, “but this is the kind of situation which can shift in one direction or the other.”

In the early afternoon, its page on Facebook, Robert Bussiere confirmed that he was doing well and thanked his colleagues for their assistance.

“I’ve given you all a fright this morning to my colleagues from the national Assembly… I thank my colleagues Drs. Gaétan Barrette and Lionel Carmant for their help. I’m waiting to pass a few exams. I assure you, I feel good. Thank you all for your thoughts and your encouragement.”

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