June 3, 2023
MSI 2022: Wacker wins his last international title in Brazil |  laughing loudly

MSI 2022: Wacker wins his last international title in Brazil | laughing loudly

It’s been five years since South Korean midfielder Sang Hyuk “Faker” became North America’s biggest star league of legendsShe won her last international title. Interestingly enough, the conquest occurred in Brazil. It was in the 2017 mid-season promotion (MSI), I played first in Sao Paulo and then in Rio de Janeiro. On that occasion, Faker and his colleagues from T1 – at that time called SK Telecom T1 – received medals of champions from Ronaldo Phenomeno.

Faker receives Ronaldo Phenomeno’s medal for the MSI 2017 Champion held in Brazil – Photo: Riot Games

MSI 2022: Faker won his last international title in Brazil

Wacker, who has defended T1 since the start of his professional career, in 2013, is the only player from that winning squad in 2017 who is still on the team. He played alongside senior Seung-hoon “Huni”, hunter Wang-ho “Peanut”, archer Jun-sik “Bang” and supporting Jae-wan “Wolf”. The coach was Jeong-gyun “kkOma” and the backup was Sun-gu “Blank”.

They entered the competition directly in the group stage, which was held after an entry stage that featured the Brazilian Red Canides Kalonga, and topped it with eight wins and two losses.

In the qualifiers, SK Telecom T1 defeated Flash Wolves (Taiwan) 3-0 in the semi-finals and G2 Esports (Europe) 3-1 in the decision.

The phenomenon of Ronaldo and Felipe “brTT” today Six-time champion of the Brazilian LeagueAttended the award ceremony.

The former soccer player and two-time world champion was responsible for handing out medals to Wolf, Bang and Faker. By the way, Bang did not hide his doubts about seeing the star in person, in the photos that spread rapidly at that time. Ronaldo became very famous among South Koreans mainly for the fifth tournament that Brazil won in the 2002 World Cup, which was held in South Korea and Japan.

– When I was a kid, Ronaldo was the only foreign footballer I knew at that time. He was popular in Korea. I have a lot of respect for him and when he looked at me it was really cool – Faker said, at a press conference after the MSI address.

Player Bang’s reaction to Ronaldo’s phenomenon at the 2017 MSI Awards, which was held in Brazil – Photo: Riot Games

In an OGN documentary about Ronaldo and Wacker, the LoL star once again spoke about the importance of that award in the presence of the football star:

“It was one of the most glorious moments of my life.

After MSI 2017, despite remaining at the top of the competitive scene, T1 Faker did not win more international titles. That season, the team reached the final of the LoL Worlds Championship, but lost to fellow countrymen Samsung Galaxy.

In 2018, Faker did not participate in MSI or Worlds. In 2019, T1 dropped into the semi-finals for both MSI and Worlds. In 2020, the team won the Spring 2020 LCK title and will go to MSI, but the mid-season championship did not happen due to the Covid-19 pandemic. T1 failed to qualify for Worlds 2020.

Last year, MSI was held again, but the Faker team did not participate in the tournament. At Worlds 2021, T1 again fell into the semi-finals.

Now, at MSI 2022, Faker has the opportunity to return to the tournament and play an international tournament in South Korea for the first time.

Now MSI is being held in South Korea and the fans are hoping that we can finally win the title in our country for the first time. “I really hope we make it,” Faker said, in an interview broadcast on Brazilian broadcaster MSI 2022 on Friday.