December 2, 2023

Multiple sclerosis risks can be reduced with this diet

sclerosis several (MS) is a chronic autoimmune neurological disease that affects the entire immune system. Gradually, a person with this disease tends to lose sight, body movement, speech, and all motor coordination commanded by the central nervous system.

The disease causes the immune system, which is the protection of health, to mistakenly attack protecting nerve cells.

The Mediterranean diet has been shown to be effective in inhibiting disease by up to 20%, which makes a person not lose memory and most common skills so quickly. The case study will be presented at the American Academy of Neurology, an event held annually in the United States.

According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, 50% of people with these conditions are cognitively affected. In addition to affecting all of the above senses, muscle weakness, dizziness, lack of bladder control, and other losses are also common in these cases.

Diet to slow the progression of MS

In such cases, the situation gradually worsens. Changing habits becomes essential so that a person can delay the rapid development of multiple sclerosis. One of these barriers is increasing healthy habits.

The Mediterranean diet has been studied for many years and has been found to be beneficial for cardiovascular health. a food It is essential for health and indispensable for the proper development of the body.

For MS, the Mediterranean diet, based on the culture of the Mediterranean peoples, has been shown to be effective. The diet is rich in fruits, whole grains, vegetables, fish and nuts. The only and main source of fat is olive oil, with no red meat and ultra-processed foods.

In that study, 563 people with MS became adept at the diet and showed cognitive progress. To date, this conclusion has not been applied because it has not been published in a medical journal. So it is expected to be revealed at a neuroscience event to be held later this year.