March 31, 2023
Muscular, Chay Suede to play Travessia villain with an extra 15 kilos · TV News

Muscular, Chay Suede to play Travessia villain with an extra 15 kilos · TV News

Chay Suede used his social networks to show off his muscular body last Tuesday night (30). The actor who will play the villain Ari in it TransitGlobo’s new soap at 9 AM, told on her Instagram stories that she gained 15 kilos after focusing on the gym.

Through the platform’s questions and answers, he revealed to followers that before training he weighed 65 kilograms and now weighs between 80 and 82. After weight lifting exercises, he is currently 30 years old.

Then, Suede recorded a video showing that it took her time to start doing physical activities. He said, “I was more sedentary than active. Until I was 25 I wasn’t training at all. I didn’t know what I was missing out on.”

In Travessia, Chay Suede will feature his second consecutive character in Globo’s prime time — and for the first time, a villain. After playing Danilo/Domenico in Amor de Mãe (2019), the actor will be a replacement opponent for wet land And initially conjugation with Lucy Alves.


Suede before and after weight lifting exercises

In real life, the heroine of Gloria Perez’s plot is 36 years old, Seven more than the heart, The age difference will also be addressed in the story. Character Romulo Estrella It will be the other end of the love triangle.

Suede has been approached to replace Estrela in sirtau seathe current TV series at six o’clock, but his reservation for Gloria Perez’s series prevailed, and Sergio Goizzi took the role Paulino costume in the plot.

meet Ari

In the story of Gloria Perez, Chay will be Ari, girlfriend of Brisa (Lucy), with whom she lives in Maranhão, and will have an air of villainy. Their relationship goes into crisis when she meets hacker Otto, the character played by Romulo Estrella. Sweet delegate (Giovanna Antonelli) will help –Same character as Salve Jorge (2012) – No Combating the spread of fake news.

It will completely change her life for Prisa after photos and videos were manipulated with her face during the “joke” of a boy who lives in Portugal and works with software.

Oto and Brisa will step in, and Ari will do anything to break up the new couple. The ambition of the boy whom his companion was not aware of until then, would change their path. From He will have an uncontrollable love for Ari In the story you will be Núbia (Drica Moraes), the character’s poisonous mother.

While trying to understand her turbulent relationship with her mother, Ari Mikarita will commit evil. will be among them The betrayal he would make against Dante (Marcus Caruso)a humanistic professor who will be his mentor in the field, as he is seen as a pupil.

During a mission to Rio de Janeiro to prevent the demolition of a historic mansion, the boy will hide Dante’s discovery and approach the target, falling in love with Chiara (Jade Bacon), Professor Guerra’s daughter. (Humberto Martins). The young woman will be obsessed with Maranhão.

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