September 26, 2023
Music banned from Léo Santana concerts due to elections

Music banned from Léo Santana concerts due to elections

Leo Santana It is preferable not to take a political position and to avoid commenting on partisan differences. However, the owner of the song “Vai dar PT”, which also has the slogan “Faz o L” as its trademark, has been directly linked to supporters’ festivities. Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT).

In an exclusive conversation with this column from splash Before a show in Rio, Léo comments on the use of his Song 2017 and the link to politics:

“Avi Maria, this song is old and back in the top 200 among the most listened to in the country, you know? In this election, this song is stronger because of all this polarization. But that’s it, when the song is popular only tastefully We have to thank. I’m not complaining, no.”

When asked why “Vai dar PT” left his music group despite being among the most played songs in North America flowLiu justifies saying it’s an old song, but claims that some contractors vetoed the hit.

Today I’m on a show and I’m wondering if I’ll do an “L” too or not. “Do they think so?” But I keep doing it, it doesn’t reduce the amount. At some plaza events, contractors ask me to avoid them. Is there a way to reduce it? Can’t you sing this song? But I don’t do anything about politics.

On Fay Dar BT, the singer continues:

“I never took it out of the repertoire because of politics. Even because I never performed this song with that intention. It’s always been cachacha meaning, and fun. I kept updating the repertoire and it came out. But, at big shows, for 3 or 4 hours, in the electric trio, I sing” .

“Partnership with J Balvin would be a dream”

This column spoke with Léo Santana shortly before Bahian took to the stage to perform the opening act for Reggaeton star J Balvin.

“We have one thing in common, and that is to make songs so that people forget their problems. An upbeat, lively and flawless voice. Opening up to this man I respect is an honor. He recorded with Beyoncé, no comment needed.” Liu says.

He completed “King of the Roll”: “Partnering with J Balvin would be my dream, right? I’m already there, and the guy’s show opened. Who knows. It’s a good first step.”