October 3, 2023
'My contract is not over yet' · TV news

‘My contract is not over yet’ · TV news

Fatima Bernardis She revealed that she was completely surprised Rumor has it that he asked to leave Globo. The announcer confirmed that she could not talk to any of the station managers about the matter. is he there, Who is getting ready to take on The Voice Brasil After leaving the meeting, he also does not think about retirement. He warned that my contract was not over yet.

“I didn’t think about quitting and I didn’t. Maybe that moment would come one day. When the meeting opened, if I were told I was going to ask to stop doing it, I’d say, ‘Crazy.’ But I never thought about quitting TV. Globo. Did My contract expires yet, and the next one has already been renewed. It’s three years old,” she said, In an interview with Kindergarten Vida on Monday (25).

She was questioned by Tony Joyce, a TV columnist for Folha de S. Paulo, about a possible breakup with the audience leader. The journalist emphasized that the changes were already in the plan. “I’ve always expressed my desire to do something different and I’ve been waiting for an opportunity,” she explained.

“I didn’t think of The Voice at the time, Because it was Thiago Levert in advance, but when they told me, I thought: I’m going with both feet for fun. So I really liked this possibility. But we never spoke [sobre uma possível saída]. “I was surprised by this news,” he added.

Fatima said that, for the first time, she did not come to the Globo direction with a pre-made project and that she accepted the suggestions of the house:

I left it open. Unlike the meeting, I did not attend with a project. I even had an idea, but I didn’t think it was time yet. I would really like to test other things, including programs with ready-made formats. Something I’ve never done. Will I love her? Will the audience like it?

She remembered the resistance of viewers when she left Journal Nacional to dedicate herself to a program on Sabah Globo. He said, “We know the audience is talkative. He wanted me to stay in JN, because it’s good for him. I’ll pass on that again.”

“I’m going to show people that this is something I want, and that I’m happy to do. But I didn’t think about retirement or quitting TV,” she asserted.