My favorite 2018 (first part)

Danny Gélinas
The Voice of the East

Mes coups de coeur 2018 
(première partie)

Before starting this column, I would like to wish you all, faithful readers, a very merry Christmas! As I told you at the same date last year, that this Christmas be for you a great way of bringing you closer to those you love. Make sure to close your cell phone (a real scourge of our society when it is overused!) and give you more time to interact with your parents and friends.

For nearly three years, I try to follow for you and the best possible way, everything that happens in the sporting activity of regional, national or international, to earn you various items that have caught my attention. In this regard, I relapse so this year, and this, for the next two weeks with my favorites of 2018.

Good read!

The 1000th game of the official Michel Cormier Jr.

Whether in Quebec or on the road, his routine Saturday morning is always the same: regardless of the hotel where it is located between two cities of the circuit Bettman, he gets up and prepares a good cup of coffee. Once the potion is ready, he opens his tablet and consults with the application of The daily le Nouvelliste, who is not only a native of Trois-Rivières, but which remains there still. Once it has read the chronicle of Claude Loranger (Claude writes a weekly page similar to the one below), he then clicks on The Voice of the East to find his old chum, in this case the author of these lines!

By reading this page entitled The page the Kid, the official NHL always tries to learn a little more about what I have become in my new area. Worrying about the fate of the other, is this not the sign of a beautiful friendship? Although we no longer view ourselves as often as in the days when we were both hanging around, and on a daily basis, the club de golf Du Moulin, on the outskirts of the capital city of mauritius (his father Michel Sr., himself a former player of the AMH, was the director-general), we try to take news of the other, either directly or through a third person.

Sunday, December 2 last, it goes without saying that I was extremely happy for Corm, who was honored on the ice at the Bell Centre, just before the match between the San Jose Sharks at Canadian. Michel Jr. came to officiate his 1000th match a few days earlier.

The NHL has done things, since it had retained Frederick L’écuyer to be one of the two referees-in-chief of the match. A native of St. Titus, the latter was considered, in time, a bit like the little brother of our group, and there was a duty to follow to the letter the teachings of his supervisor Jean-Pierre ” PIA “Désaulniers, but also those of a group of veterans, including Daniel Béchard (son of Claude” Ti-Bé “), Guy Joubert, and Michel Jr. were a part. Knowing too well, I am sure that Freddy would not have wanted to miss this appointment for anything in the world.

Seeing them on the ice, full of memories I remembered, including the many times we have traveled together in the company of André “Moose” Dupont and his son Danny who, at the time, officiated also in the Midget AAA. Mr. Dupont and I enjoyed then go to assess the young people of quebec that could be recovered at a later time.

The music from the issuance of The Bombs that were present in the station CIGB FM 102.3 was playing so loudly in the Ford Taurus of Dupont, that the Moose was saying, hear the echoes once in the arena! He told us often, between sips of sparkling water: “Les p’tits gars, lower the pick-up (the radio), the denture rolls me we mouth!”

Ditto for these after-games that started at the bar in The foot of the Hill — in front of Stratos Pizzeria to finish the edge of the dance floor of the Pub in the City, an establishment that was, in some way, our second residence in us, the three younger. When I look back, I think that you can be happy of all the work done by each of us: in the quarantine, we have now moved to the serious things. We have always given our family first (with his wife Annie, he is the father of four beautiful children), and this, while having always kept in contact with our roots.

My dear Corm, know that I am very proud of you! By contrast, the task of getting a supply of pesos for this summer, because of the need to take our revenge at golf against our old boys, the new mep format giant and its partner, “the assistant coach”. I’m tired of make me taunt!


Last Friday, the leaders of the company Tires, Robert Bernard and the people of the organizing committee of The Classical school hockey in Quebec have yet made happy, then in front of dozens of dignitaries, they have proceeded to the inauguration of all new locker rooms for players of different formations of the Titans of the Divine Word of the LHPS. You will recall that at almost the same time last year, a training room and had seen the light of day thanks to the contribution of these two entities, which have, of course, the Titans at heart. In addition, we cannot pass over in silence the extraordinary support of the people of Tires, Robert Bernard to the Foundation I started with the good foot, an organization that has given nearly 200 winter coats to disadvantaged youth in the greater region of Granby.

When one has the heart on the hand…

Mes coups de coeur 2018 
(première partie)

In the presence of many dignitaries, it was inaugurated the new locker room of the Titans of the Divine Word. Here we find Jean-Philippe Grégoire, president of The Classical school hockey in Quebec, Pierre Beauregard, general director of Tires, Robert Bernard, Jean-Marc Parenteau, founder and president of the CHSQ, Jocelyn Bernard, vice-president of Tires, Robert Bernard, Jessica Bernard, deputy of marketing at Tires, Robert Bernard, John Striganuk, director-general of the secondary school of the Divine Verb, and Nancy Gauthier, secretary-treasurer for the CHSQ.


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