November 27, 2022
"My Great Journey Begins Now"

“My Great Journey Begins Now”


The influence was also reflected in the change in routine

Photo: Instagram / Gabriela Puglisi
Photo: Instagram / Gabriela Puglisi

On the same day he turned 37 years old, Gabriella Polisi She used social media and said that, unlike her other birthdays, the influencer decided to celebrate the special date at home. The post published this Sunday (30) was used to express the closeness of motherhood.

The celebrity revealed that she always travels on her birthday, but this year was different: “I’ve been traveling around the world to celebrate my birthday. Every year it’s been somewhere, in this idea of ​​looking for happiness in something outside. I’m in my house and my whole world is inside of me.”

Gabriella He also reflected on the change in routine and on the feeling of peace: “My son is coming, the result of such beautiful and unexpected love. All the adventures, the anxiety, the rush, doing everything at the same time opened a space for peace, a feeling of completeness, reaching the top of the mountain after a long marathon.

The influencer also talked about his closeness to obstetrics: “I know that everything I thought I knew about life would become a memory when I thought I knew everything, but when we think you know everything, and that you control everything, the universe comes to show you that you didn’t understand anything. And that’s magic! My biggest adventure begins! And my biggest journey is now, with motherhood. Today I can only thank you for being healthy to be able to bear this child. Today, my life, which has always been my life, is now his life,” he completed.