February 8, 2023

“My idea is to arrive without any pain”; The Flamengo star confirms the injury and the situation ‘shocked’ the nation


This exposed issue may be annoying, but it is being addressed so that it is 100% remedied before the 2023 season.

Photo: Marcelo Cortes/Flamingo - The situation was revealed by the Flamengo player himself.
Photo: Marcelo Cortes/Flamingo – The situation was revealed by the Flamengo player himself.

As 2022 draws to a close, the main clubs in Brazil continue to move to resolve as many situations as possible before the end of the year, precisely so as not to waste time and fall behind the competition. The intention is to settle the build-ups and start the next season with everything in gear, leaving only signatures or announcements..

It remains clear that many of the negotiations that “seep” to the fans are not easy, especially given the fact that bold investments are taking place, whether in Flamengo or in any other elite group in Brazilian football. So far, many of them have already confirmed the negotiations, but there is still a lot more to come.

In addition to, Some inner attitudes also lead to repercussions. After participating in the star game with Zico, Arrasquita gave an interview and confirmed that he was still suffering from a pubic injurybut recovers well in this rest period:

“My idea is to arrive without any pain. Cure 100%. This month of rest has been good for me, to try and speed up (recovery). But I hope it’s going to be a great year.”said the star.

Please note that the , in OctoberDuring an interview with ESPN’s Pedro Henrique Torre, The Uruguayan confirmed that the tests indicated this physical problemBut it ended up with competitions that required him to enter the field:

The exam showed that I was in pain. But I’ve been with this for so long, I’ve been struggling a bit. But we were playing important matches, the Brazilian Cup, qualifying for the Libertadores and I said I didn’t want to go out, I wanted to play. But the semifinals and finals were getting closer, and what I wanted was to be on the court.”he said at the time.

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