June 26, 2022
laís do bbb 22 e maíra cardi

Myra Cardi Requests Historic Rejection At The Wall Of Laes

Mira Cardi He used his social networks in the early hours of Monday, March 21, to show support for the decision Arthur Agyar To signal lais directly on the wall.

“Better late than never, a nod to our captain. Not on the wall. I’m starting to count a lot on your votes, huh!”

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The coach then asked her fans to help make history by voting: “Vote, vote, vote, vote for us to make this ratio beautiful and historic. Out, les.”

Lies attacks Arthur

lais And the Arthur They are the big competitors BBB22 who are still at home. This friction gained a new ring after the formation of the ninth wall of the edition. In the early morning hours of Monday, March 21, Sister Breathe to Slovenia about the actor’s behavior.

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According to the doctor, the former rebel’s behavior is to always belittle her or discredit what she’s saying. This type of position has a name: gas lighting. This means that when the victim is psychologically manipulated to question her intelligence or sanity.

All the time he says things that try to frustrate me. “You do not know what you are talking about”, “You create things in your head”: he says the things that are in his head. But those things are just in his head, too. If I make things in my head, he creates things in his head as well.”

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The sister continues her talk and talks about how she believes in the movement of the game and the discussions that take place inside and outside the home.

“For me here, there is no truth or lie. It is whatever you make up in your head. Right and wrong here depend on each. How does he say he knows what the truth is?” protested the dermatologist.

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