Myron Thompson, a former federal member of parliament controversial, has died at the age of 82

Myron Thompson, un ancien député fédéral controversé, est mort à 82 ans

SUNDRE, Alta. — A former federal mp, known for his cowboy hat and his controversial opinions on many subjects, has died at the age of 82 years.

Myron Thompson had supported the u.s. invasion of Iraq, was opposed to laws that promote the control of firearms, and allowing marriage between persons of the same sex. He had called for more stringent measures to protect animals and fight against child pornography.

Candidate of the reform Party, he was elected in the riding of Wild Rose in Alberta in 1993. It has successively been re-elected in 2000 for the canadian Alliance, in 2004 and in 2006 for the conservative Party.

He left federal politics in 2008

Controversial comments

His controversial comments had enabled him to acquire a certain reputation in the country as a whole.

Thus, in 1994, when the reform Party had adopted a resolution aimed at prohibiting same-sex couples to get family benefits, Mr. Thompson had said that he only hated not gay, but he hated homosexuality.

In 2001, he said, during question period in the House of commons, that there were too many officers of the RCMP in the search for poachers in national parks to the detriment of screening for terrorists in the cities.

In 2006, when access to military air bases where came the bodies of canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan, had been banned to the media, he had threatened to shoot journalists who try to penetrate on a basis to cover the arrival of the remains of one of his sons.

“I’ve always said what I thought”, he pointed out in 2006.

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