May 31, 2023
Blog do Amaury Jr.

Nando Reyes and Betty give an unprecedented show at Espaço Unimed – Amaury Jr.’s Blog

Pitty and Nando Reis have been working since last year on a unique show project, they will be on tour in Brazil, and on Friday, September 23, they will arrive in São Paulo, at Espaço Unimed. The tour, called “As Sua, as Minhas e as Nossas,” will bring together two songs from their music groups, with new arrangements, reinterpretations and even unreleased songs.

This story began when Betty sang a version of “Relicário” on the Saia Justa Show (GNT), of which she was one of the hosts. Nandu listened and sent a message saying he was happy to re-read. Betty teased him again: “Shall we do something together?” Then came the first partnership titled song very old school samba paulistano “Tiro no Coração”, recorded in 2021. Then came the uncontrollable desire to meet on this unprecedented tour.

Gironde Petit Nando, as they joke, unites the two performers and bands on stage, offering a music list of more than 20 songs. The list of songs they will present is a mix of songs for each song with new arrangements and great songs: “All Star” (Nando Reis), “Máscara” (Pitty), “Do Seu Lado” (Nando Reis), “Adora Me” (Petty) and many more Other surprises. Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased Online Or at the box office of Espaço Unimed.