September 28, 2022
Nasa anuncia helicópteros na missão para trazer amostras de Marte em 2033

NASA announces helicopters on mission to bring samples from Mars in 2033

NASA has announced some changes to its project to collect samples from Mars and bring them to Earth in 2033. A major highlight is the inclusion of two sample recovery helicopters, based on the Innovation Helicopters Project, which has made 29 flights on the Red Planet. .

“The helicopters will provide a secondary capability to retrieve samples stored on the surface of Mars,” NASA said.

According to a statement by a US agency, a review of the system requirements for the Mars sample return program has been completed. Now, the conceptual stage of the project is almost ready. Information from CNN Brasil.

At this point, NASA has evaluated and improved the structure to return scientifically selected samples, which are currently being collected by the Perseverance Wagon.

“There are some significant and beneficial changes to the plan, which can be directly attributed to Perseverance’s recent successes at Jezero and the impressive performance of our Mars aircraft,” the agency said.

The mission architecture takes into account an analysis of the expected longevity of the persistence, which will be the primary means of sample transportation for the Sample Recovery Vehicle, which will contain both helicopters and the European Space Agency’s sample transport arm.

The ESA Earth Return Orbiter and Sample Retrieval Lande are essential to accurately collect samples and bring them back to Earth, NASA said. The first should be released in 2027, while the second is released a year later.

The two samples are expected to reach Earth in 2033.

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