NASA is successfully testing the most powerful rocket in the world

NASA Successfully The base stage launch test From her Space Launch System (SLS) missile For the second time on Thursday afternoon.

Power the moon Four RS-25 missile Motors It fired for eight minutes 19 seconds at around 4:37 PM ET at NASA Stennis Space Center near St. Louis Bay, Mississippi.

NASA is testing a second missile for ARTEMIS missions on the moon

Green Run Series Hot fire test 212 feet The base stage represents what NASA says is a “critical milestone” before their future lunar missions.

The base stage design will be used for all configurations of the 322-foot-long SLS missile and the team will use the data from their tests to validate the flight design.

“The SLS is the most powerful rocket ever built by NASA, and during today’s test, the base stage of the missile generated more than 1.6 million pounds of thrust within seven seconds. The SLS is an incredible engineering feat and the only rocket capable of operating,” said Steve Goerschek, Acting NASA Administrator. America’s next-generation missions will put the first woman and next man on the moon. On Thursday’s release.

“Today’s successful hot fire test of the SLS base stage is an important milestone in NASA’s goal to return humans to the surface of the Moon – and beyond,” he added.

It was NASA’s first hot fire test of the SLS core stage Conducted on January 16th, When all four engines fired for about one minute. The test was aborted Sooner than planned Because Fault in the hydraulic system, Reinforcing the need for a second, longer hot-fire test.

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The second fire test allowed engineers to experiment with several operating conditions, such as thrust steering, up and down throttling, and engines running at up to 100%.

The propellant tanks in the primary stage can accommodate more than 10% 700,000 gallons Of coolant fuel and simulated nearly 2 million pounds of thrust.

Additionally, the stage – of which Boeing is the main contractor – is technologically advanced, with advanced flight software, avionics, propulsion and hydraulic systems.

After that, the theater will be refurbished as needed and shipped to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center at Florida To launch Artemis I..

Artemis I, very tentatively scheduled to take off by the end of the year, will use the SLS missile to send an unmanned missile Orion A spacecraft on a journey around the moon and back Land.

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“Today is a great day for NASA and the Stennis and the human space exploration program for this nation. This final test in the Green Run series represents a major milestone for this nation’s return to the moon and the final mission to Mars,” said Richard Gilbrich, director of the Stennis Center, and Richard Gilbrich, director of the Stennis Center. . “Lots of people across the agency and the nation contributed to this key stage of SLS, but special appreciation is due to the mixed team of test operators, engineers and support personnel for putting in exemplary effort in taking the test today.”

The John C. Stennis Space Center is the nation’s space center Larger Missile engine test complex.

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