March 29, 2023

NASA is tracking an asteroid that may hit Earth in 2046

Photo: Reproduction: NASA – 03/09/2023

Asteroid 2026 DW

The US Space Agency, accompanies a asteroid Newly discovered that you can collide with Planet Earth On February 14, 2046. As of now, the chance of collision is 1 in 625, however, the number is under review daily.

According to NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office, there is still no reason for alerts, as the asteroid is 50 meters in diameter and has a ‘very small’ chance of colliding with Earth.

“Often, when new objects are discovered, it takes several weeks of data to reduce the uncertainty and adequately predict their orbits for years into the future,” NASA said.

christening asteroid

The space agency called it 2026 d
because it was discovered on February 26 by the MAP San Pedro de Atacama Observatory in Chile.

“Our orbit analysts will continue to monitor Asteroid 2023 DW and will update forecasts as more data arrives,” NASA said.

Currently, the celestial body is 0.12 astronomical units away from the planet, and it rotates at a relative speed of 88 thousand kilometers per hour. According to the analyzes, it takes 271 days for the body to make a complete revolution around the Sun.

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