NASA recorded the deadly Typhoon 3D photo

NASA зафіксувала смертоносний тайфун на 3D-фото

Hurricanes and other cyclones often cover the coast of the Philippines.

The tropical cyclone, which has already managed to claim the lives of at least 25 people, was captured by the American space Agency orbit. Pictures published in social networks.

Different typhoons, hurricanes and other cyclones often cover the coast of the Philippines, China and Indonesia, but the magnitude of the Typhoon “Mangkhut” represent a special danger: the wind speed in the cyclone is more than 270 km/h. He has had to suffer the shores of the Philippines according to official estimates, has already killed 25 people.

And although now the speed of the Typhoon has already fallen to 175 km/h, forecasters do not give too optimistic forecasts for the cyclone in several cities in China and the Philippines will be a torrential downpour. Already in several cities in these countries are closed almost all public institutions, including universities, schools and shops.

The us space Agency NASA has managed to take a picture of the Typhoon from orbit in a 3D format. It shows the enormity of cyclone and areas where at the time of the picture he was more active. In the area marked in red has the highest concentrate of rain and hail.


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