May 31, 2023
NASA robot discovers a mysterious object on Mars  Sciences

NASA robot discovers a mysterious object on Mars Sciences

Android perseverance NASA who explores Mars, has discovered something that has piqued the interest of space watchers and provoked sarcastic comments questioning the quality of this “spaghetti” on the surface of the Red Planet. The piece has also been described as a “desert rolling mill” and “fishing line”.

However, contrary to the observers’ “creative” assumptions, The most plausible explanation is that it is the remains of one of the components used to land the robotic rover on Mars in February 2021.

“We’ve been discussing where it came from, but it’s believed to be a piece of rope from the parachute or landing system that drops the robot to the ground,” a lab spokeswoman at NASA.

“It must be borne in mind that it has not been confirmed that it is one or the other,” he added.

The wreck was first discovered on July 12, by a hazard avoidance camera located in the left front of the rover. Four days later, when the perseverance returned to the same place, things were no longer there..

Most likely, they were dragged by the wind, as it did already A piece of thermal blanket was spotted last monthwhich may have exited the missile propulsion landing system.

The accumulation of “unwanted” persistence is a small price to pay for the scientific goals of the robot: the search for biological markers of ancient microbial life forms. In addition to, One day, these things could become valuable artifacts for future Mars colonists..

“In a hundred years or so, Mars will enthusiastically collect all of this material to display in museums or turn it into ‘historic treasures,'” tweeted “amateur astronomer” Stuart Atkinson.