February 26, 2024

NASA unveils a special suit that astronauts will wear on a mission to the Moon

The suit has special protection and flexibility suitable for both male and female astronauts

Axiom SpaceNASA apparelThe suit will be used for astronauts on a mission to the Moon

a NASA Released this Wednesday, 15th, that special outfit astronauts It will be used on the moon mission Artemis III. The ‘moon veterans’ will wear a suit developed from prototypes by the agency that incorporates technology, enhanced mobility, and additional protection against hazards in space. moon. Axiom Space, the suit’s developer, ensures that astronauts have all the flexibility to explore the landscape and that the suit accommodates “at least 90%” of the male and female population in the United States. The Artemis III mission will take the first woman to the moon. “NASA’s partnership with Axiom is critical to landing astronauts on the Moon and continuing American leadership in space. Building on NASA’s years of research and experience, Axiom’s next-generation spacesuits will not only enable the first woman to walk on the moon, but will enable It also provides opportunities for more people to explore and conduct science on the Moon than ever before.” The Space Agency.