National tournament pee-wee of Waterloo: a success story

Tournoi national pee-wee de Waterloo: un franc succès

As is often the case in the beginning of the year, the organizers of the Tournament, national hockey pee-wee de Waterloo have had to deal with the whims of mother Nature in recent weeks. The difficult road conditions — especially during finals — there have, however, occasioned no delay.

“It should be said that this storm was announced since a good time. People have had time to plan accordingly and reserve hotel rooms in the region if necessary, ” explained the chairman of the tournament, Jocelyn Bélisle.

“I sometimes say that I’d like to better organize the tournament in June but it would probably teams ! “, has he added to the joke.

Presented as a success, the 45th edition of the Tournament pee-wee was marked by the beginnings of the school class (benjamin D-1) at Waterloo.

“It’s become a must-see show of the hockey school,” said Mr. Bélisle. We are very satisfied with the level of game offered, especially as we had two local teams in the final. We are looking into the possibility of increasing the number of teams in this category next year. “

In addition, the tournament has once again benefited from increased visibility due to the presence of a big name in hockey. The presence of the icon of the Senators Daniel Alfredsson, now an assistant coach with the Sting of Ottawa at the AA level, has certainly attracted many curious.

“One is always surprised by the simplicity of these people. Mr. Alfredsson was rather introverted, but he has been very generous. He has refused any interviews, ” pointed out the president Bélisle.

Finally, five of the seven finals held at the arena Jacques-Chagnon have been won by clubs from the region. The Gouveneurs benjamins school Massey-Vanier (school class), the Vics of the Haute-Yamaska (AA), the Gunners of Bedford/Cowansville/Farnham, the Jets of Farnham and the Rockies Bromont (B) have triumphed in their respective categories.

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