September 21, 2023
Natura Change Chiefs in Group Reorganization - 06/15/2022 - Market

Natura Change Chiefs in Group Reorganization – 06/15/2022 – Market

The Natura & Co This Wednesday (15) said that Roberto Marquez will leave the position of CEO of the company, as part of the reorganization of the corporate structure of the group, according to a fact relevant to the market.

Fabio Barbosathe former president of Santander Brasil and Grupo Abril, will lead Natura”, as well as front profession To define a new corporate structure in the coming months,” said cosmetics company Barbossa who is currently a consultant to the company and chair of the People Committee.

The reorganization is in line with Natura’s strategy of increasing the responsibility of its unique companies and brands – Natura, AvonThe company, The Body Shop and Aesop – said in a move to a simpler tenure structure.

Marquez will also leave Natura’s board chair, but will remain in a joint seat at the college to help with the transition process. The statement stated that the executive authority intends to retire at the end of the year.

Natura also stated that the group’s roles as a leader in sustainable growth and a leader in transformation will cease to exist or be re-evaluated in the new structure.