July 25, 2024

NBA Playoffs 2021 – Chris Paul could not have made a better scene for the Phoenix Suns

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Chris Paul Projects.

He planned when a trade was forced out of New Orleans a decade ago. He planned while creatively developing a contract option to take himself to Houston. He planned when he was helped to change an arbitrary age rule in the collective bargaining agreement, which gave him the opportunity to earn millions of dollars in extra salary.

Pauline had planned to take a 2-0 lead in the second round of the Western Conference, even a few moments after the Phoenix Sons had beaten the Denver Nuggets 123-98 on Wednesday. In the locker room, he learned that the Nuggets had returned twice from a 3-1 deficit last season and was inviting his teammates to think about Friday night game 3 in Denver. Paul told New Orleans 2-0 against San Antonio Spurs in 2008, eventually losing seven games.

But even with his very rosy drawing team, he could not have seen the situation he was emerging from.

The Suns have won five straight playoff games and, with each win, seem to be getting stronger. His longtime rivals fall off the board. Stephen Curry House. LeBron James House. Injuries are proliferating throughout the league, with Paul who was in the playoffs this time – his shoulder stinger almost destroyed before the start of the run – recovering.

The suns are healthy and play wonderfully as a team. In both games of the second round, five players have scored double points.

People around the league are starting to talk about whether this will be Paul’s best shot in an NBA final. It may be premature to say that he lifted his Rockets 3-2 at the Golden State Warriors in the final of the conference, three years before he was dragged away by a femur.

But after the usual disappointments with the sluggish and nearby Miss in LA Clippers and Houston, this rising sun streak feels like the most unexpected playoff situation of Paul’s career.

“I tell you,” Paul said after scoring 17 points with 15 assists and no turning points in Game 2. “I’m not really on a team like this.”

Paul, who worked with the Oklahoma City Thunder, had many hopes when choosing a business goal in the last office. He wanted to be close to his family in Los Angeles, to be in good weather and to play next to a star; He will keep it Devin Booker. Booker, represented by the same company, was eager to get some help.

After the 21-61 season with the Phoenix, Booker said three years ago, “I ended up not making the playoffs.” “I’m serious.”

After missing the right places 8-0 at the Bubble in Orlando, Florida in 2020, the Suns were mobile upwards – but they didn’t look like real competitors. Different people in their fan base and organization may have advanced to that conclusion since the release of this special season, but now it’s really happening, and Paul is in a position to find himself.

Defensive champion Los Angeles Lakers are the gem so far, and he is the star that Booker relied on with a close game with 47 points. Paul can’t believe how talented his teammates are in shooting J. Crowder, Michael Bridges, Tario Sarik, Cameron Johnson And Cameron Payne Illuminates the resistance from the outside.

Paul, who was in the center of Lap City with the Clippers and in an attacking Jagannath in Houston, said he had never seen anything like it.

“Everyone shoots,” Paul said. “You don’t have to try to find a particular guy. Everybody [on our team] Knock Down Shooters. “



Chris Paul joins Deandre Aiden for a roaring two-handed slam.

During this five-game post-season win, Paul has 53 assists and four breakthroughs. It is 53-4. His shoulder is better – he couldn’t even try long shots for several games in the previous round – he has made 14 of 24 shots and 5 3-pointers in 24 shots in this series. His two 3s fourth quarter doctors on Wednesday.

“He manages the games better than everyone I’ve been around with,” Sons coach Monty Williams said. “This is not something I take; this is not something our team takes.”

It is dangerous to think that this fairy tale will continue; Paul’s playoff career was a long string of unexpected setbacks. But, at the age of 36, it is human nature to look at him and wonder if there are some karmas in his direction.

Externally, Paul would not allow it; He has made dozens of advertisements about insurance covering unforeseen disasters. But inward, he can see the road ahead and begin to feel a little warmth.

“We’re cool,” Paul said. “We have guys who understand the moment.”

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