NCAA 2021 Results, Fast Food: The Elite Eight Field closed with the close of Sweet 16 on Sunday

Three of Sweet 16’s Sunday matches weren’t particularly close. Gonzaga and Michigan No. 1 seed advanced to the Elite Eight with an 18-point win. USC No. 6 seed smoked fellow Oregon Pac-12 with 14 points. And then … there was the University of California, Alabama.

No. 2 Crimson Tide lost a staggering overtime loss to No. 11 Bruins 88-78, summing it up in one word: drama. In total, there were eight major changes, 11 draws, and finally! – Our first NCAA whistle from Alex Rees, Alabama.

The Bruins jumped Alabama early in the extra period after Reese’s big shot to wander (and cover). Having led most of the game, it was appropriate for them to be able to take advantage of big free throws and some clutch 3s down the span, all while Bama was uncharacteristically struggling in both divisions the whole time.

UCLA makes a piece of history by winning by becoming the 19th seed, advancing to the regional finals of the category. It is the second team ever in tournament history to move from the top four to the Elite Eight, and join VCU, which advanced to the Final Four in 2011.

For Michigan and the Gonzaga this is going well; Michigan has gone to Elite Eight four times since 2013, while Gonzaga has appeared in four matches since 2015. But this is USC’s first trip so far since 2001. You could say it was a good day to be a West Coast basketball fan. .

All updated results and upcoming schedule are listed below with results from Sunday’s procedure, plus three ready meals of the day.

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1. A stunning Alabama exit

The second seed in Alabama to fall to 11th at UCLA isn’t a surprising result in itself. UCLA played great, and anything could happen in an NCAA tournament. But the way Bama lost definitely adds to the confusion. The Nate Oats team comfortably scored more than 70% of their charity strip shots throughout the season and easily over 35% of their 3-point range. But Sunday? The Crimson Tide was a 7 of 28 from a long distance, and a terrifying 11 of 25 mark from the free throw line put them in a historic (bad) company.

2. No. 1 cruise seeds per style

After top seed Baylor regained the number one seed on Saturday with a two-digit win (after trailing by as much as seven), top seeders Gonzaga and Michigan evaporated to a superb win on Sunday. Generally ranked Bulldogs let the Creighton hang out in the opening portion of the first half before blasting the doors off them below the span. On the other hand, Michigan took the lead five minutes into the match and then opened it, and went on the 15-4 round to set the tone for the remainder of the match. The Wolverines are preparing to go ahead without injured winger Isaiah Leavers, who was injured in the first game in post-season and was disqualified for this season. But all that stands between them and their third trip in the fourth final since 2013 is the 11th seed at UCLA.

3. The USC dominates Oregon

What USC did to # 3-ranked Kansas, when it awarded the Jayhawks the worst loss ever in an NCAA Championship, was almost shocking. KU couldn’t hit, while USC seemed to hit everything. But the Trojans that ravaged Oregon 82-66 in Sweet 16 have proven their credentials as a true force. The match was … not close. USC dominated from ledge to final bell. We’ll now see if this team can keep their hotline alive with Elite Eight rendezvous against top seed Gonzaga. But this confrontation on paper was not very interesting a few weeks ago, and now the confrontation between two of the most exciting teams in the country may come on Tuesday night. Oh, and for the fun? It is a game that places a historic two point mega attack against an attack against a historic two point grand defense.

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2021 NCAA Championship results

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