December 2, 2022
Nearly 700,000 Brazilians living abroad go to the polls to choose the next president |  2022 elections

Nearly 700,000 Brazilians living abroad go to the polls to choose the next president | 2022 elections

According to the information received from Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE), Of the 4.4 million Brazilians living abroad, 697,084 are eligible to vote to choose the next president of Brazil – For those who live in foreign countries, it is only possible to vote for this position.

Based on data from Supreme Electoral Court (TSE), Agência Senado reported that This figure is 39.21% higher than the figure recorded in the 2018 elections.

In 2022, Brazilians will be able to choose the CEO in embassies, consulates and diplomatic offices spread in 159 cities in 97 countries.

At the request of the TSE, MRE opened polling stations in 21 cities where there are no embassies or consulates.

In all, there will be 989 electronic voting machines abroad and 29 canvas voting machines for places where there are between 30 and 99 eligible voters.

The electoral law stipulates as a condition for establishing polling stations abroad that the number of voters shall not be less than 30. Diplomatic missions or consular offices inform voters abroad of the time and place of voting.

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is the city with the most Brazilian voters abroad: 45,200. – Photo: Rafael Marchante/Arquivo/Reuters

Also according to Agência Senado, Lisbon, the Portuguese capital, is the city with the largest number of Brazilians eligible to vote, with 45,200 electors.

Soon, Miami and Boston come along, both in United StateWith 40.1 thousand and 37.1 thousand voters, respectively. There are also many Brazilians in Nagoya, in Japanwith 35.6 thousand Brazilians, and in London, in Englandwith 34.4 thousand.

According to MRE data, women make up the majority of the overseas electorate, accounting for 58.54%. Most voters are between 35 and 44 years old.

TRE in the Federal District is responsible for organizing voting abroad, with the support of consulates and diplomatic missions in the countries concerned.

Voting remains optional for those under 18, over 70 and illiterate living abroad.

Brazilians residing abroad who are unable to attend on election day must justify their absence via e-Título, the Justifica system or through the Electoral Justification Requirements Form (delivered after the election).

A person who maintains an electoral domicile in Brazil, but is abroad on election day, must also justify his absence from the election.

The foreign electoral district serves Brazilian voters who have an electoral domicile abroad and Brazilians residing abroad who intend to recruit or transfer their registration to other countries.

They can ask questions by e-mail: [email protected]

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