July 14, 2024

Nego do Borel tries to pet Diane Milo’s face

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Nego do Borel tries to pet Diane Milo's face
Nego do Borel tries to pet Diane Milo's face

Nego do Borel tried to warm up with Dayane Mello while they slept in Baia, during today’s night in reality to watcha Farm 13″, from Record TV.

In the photos, the singer is shown trying to pet the model’s face, who scolds him and takes her hand away.

Farm 2021: Singer tries to pet the model - clone / twitter - clone / twitter

The Farm 2021: The singer tries to pet a model

Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

Solange, Nego do Borel, Victor Pecoraro, Dynho, Mussunzinho and Dayane were selected to be in the bay. The problems started on the first night when a Colorado horse stole the show in unusual situations.

Even at night, Nego announced that he is a fan of Tiago Piquilo.

“Dude, I admire you, God willing, if you are strong, [ajudo você]. independent [de jogo]We don’t humbly combine anything. If I thought differently one day, I’d come to you and say “Damn it, brother,” because it’s a man’s talk. I like you man, ” Nego do Borel announced.

funkeiro also said it’s in reality Demonstration for a prize of R$1.5 million and believes that interacting with new people will be important to their growth as a human being.

“Whenever I get the chance, I will say I need this money, this million. Of course, I really need it, you know? If I had the opportunity to grow, you are already a man I would follow. You are crazy., They are really good people.”

Which of the four influencers from the magazine would you like to see at “A Fazenda 2021”?


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