December 3, 2022
(crédito: Gaceta Marinera/Divulgação)

Negotiations begin for Australia to build nuclear powered submarines

Published on 09/24/2022 00:18

(Credit: Gaceta Marinera/Disclosure)

The Biden administration is negotiating a deal to speed up Australia’s acquisition of nuclear-powered submarines in response to China’s growing military might. The first submarines will be built in the United States, US officials said on Friday.

The idea is to provide Australia with nuclear-powered submarines by the mid-2030s. Meanwhile, a long-term effort will be made to provide the country with the capability to manufacture such submarines domestically.

The interim arrangement was discussed among senior officials in the US, Australia and Britain as a way to keep the talks permanent. It is one of several ideas that would allow Australia to quickly field a nuclear-powered navy.

The initiative has its challenges. To accomplish this, the US must spend billions of dollars expanding its submarine production capacity, and Australia must contribute to that expansion.

A final decision is expected in March, with the US, UK and Australia said they are completing a joint study on the topic.