June 26, 2022
Neighbors and ex-deans: Atlético-MG x América-MG enters new international chapter with Libertadores |  Editors

Neighbors and ex-deans: Atlético-MG x América-MG enters new international chapter with Libertadores | Editors

Football appeared in Belo Horizonte at the beginning of the twentieth century, with Victor Serpa. His team, Sports, was the first opponent of Atletico MG. Founded in 1908, Gallo has been seeing some members fight inland and “jump” into America MG. In a 110-year relationship, the two rivals met in the Copa Libertadores for the first time in history.

Founded in 1912, the América Futebol Clube had its first “stadium” where the Belo Horizonte Central Market is located today, on Avenida Augusto de Lima. On the other side is the Minascentro, where there was a vacant plot that served as the first official square of the … Clube Atlético Mineiro. Former neighbors went on different paths, but not without the first championship at the beginning of the football history of Minas Gerais.

There are 416 Rooster x Rabbit classics. Atlético takes the best, with 208 victories, compared to 104 draws and 104 victories for America.

It was near the old Praça Raul Soares, on Avenida Augusto de Lima, America and Atlético were neighbors of the fields – Photo: Acervo / Arquivo Público de Minas Gerais

Atlético’s first official trophy is the old Bueno Brandao, which he won in 1914. He won his turn against America and the extinct Yale. The trophy is still in the Gallo Gallery in Lourdes. The following year, the first edition of the Campeonato Mineiro (called “Campeonato da Cidade”) would be held, with Atlético being the champion, while Coelho took third place.

Then came the historical sequence of ten titles won by America in the Minas Gerais Sports League. At this 10th American Championships, the Rooster was the runner-up five times. Coelho would come with the Palestra Italia/Cruzeiro debut in the 1920s, and he would stay on the third plan. He would have won the Camponato Mineiro again only in 1948, namely against Atlético. This trophy deserves another chapter.

An invitation from the classic Atlético x America in 1927 in the Gazeta Esportiva, from BH – Photo: reproduction / Coleção Linhares

The encounters marked by the great goalscorers – Meirelles, Satero Taboada, Junja, Petronio, Jair Bala, Dario, Rinaldo, Fred – had Atletico x America’s (controversial goal keeper). In 1948, Campeonato Mineiro was identified by the two teams. Coelho was a hero, and Atletico were in trouble.

In short, the game will determine the title. At Alameda, the home of America, Gallo needed a tie. Coelho made the score 2 to 0. Neveu scored for Atlético. The stands collapsed and the match was halted. Morellino then scored America’s third goal, but the Atlético players claimed that the ball was pushed into Kavunga’s goal by a policeman. So many complaints, the cock canceled the second goal, and he left the field. The America title was only recognized the following year, by the STJD.

Confusion of the 1948 classic by Englishman Mr. Barrick – Photo: O Globo Collection

In the early years of Atlético and America, there was a delicious curiosity. They shared two heads. Alexanor Alves Pereira, one of Gallo’s 22 founders and second president, was President of America. Just like Jair Pinto dos Reis, who held the chair at Atlético between 1912 and 1913, jumped to Coelho in 1916.

Already in modern times, cousins ​​were chiefs Atletico MG And America MG. Alexander Khalil and Marcos Saloum are from the same family tree, descendants of Syrian-Lebanese who arrived in Belo Horizonte at the beginning of the last century. Khalil was Gallo’s president between 2009 and 2014. Salom has been the actor on several occasions, and today he is Coelho’s director of football.

Legendary coach who won 1971 Brasileirao to Atletico MG Was a fan of Fluminense and America MG in childhood. Contact with Coelho came from the family. Tilly’s father, Sue Zico, was an American goalkeeper in the early 1920s and 1930s. In an interview with Rhoda Viva, Professor Tilly revealed that he “hated” the rooster in his childhood.

He became the coach with the most matches in Atlético’s history with three terms. He made his debut in 1987, including, it was in a 5-1 loss against Coelho. Telê’s connection in America became even stronger in 1989, when he signed a partnership to be a kind of coordinator for Coelho’s youth teams, which revealed Ronaldo Luis, Balenha and Oilers, whom he would lead in São Paulo.

– Photo: Archive / Content Estadao

Atlético and America were once the home of true football legends from Minas Gerais. Lately, it has been common for Coelho to host players who have successfully made passes in Galo. The opposite movement was the traditional movement. Eder Alexo was revealed in America in 1973, and became the star of Atlético upon his arrival in 1980.

The same thing happened with Gilberto Silva. The midfielder was transferred from America to Atlético in 1999, he rose to prominence and became the primary midfielder for the Brazilian national team in 2002, in the world title. Dada Maravella, the second-best scorer in Atlético’s history, defended America, along with Joao Light, Ballinha, Eller, Mancini, Fabio Junior, Fred…

International classics (part one)

The Copa Libertadores duel will not be the first classic match between Atletico America on a global scale. On a much smaller scale, but on a historical scale, Gallo and Coelho met at the Copa Centenario in Belo Horizonte, a competition organized by FIFA in 1997, when BH celebrated its centenary.

Atletico won the tournament, which also featured Cruzeiro, Corinthians, Flamengo, Olympia, Benfica and Milan. The competition was also marked by the retirement of midfielder Tonino Cerezo, who left the pitch in front of the Italian side, defending Gallo. Years ago Cerezo also played for America. Atletico tied 2-2 with America in one of the competition groups. Alfinegro will win the final 2-1 against Cruzeiro.

Final between Atletico MG and Cruzeiro in the 1997 Centenario Cup – Photo: Globo