August 19, 2022
Neither Barra nor Deodoro!  The mayor of Rio gives the green light to Flamengo to build a stadium in a new location: "I will help"

Neither Barra nor Deodoro! The mayor of Rio gives the green light to Flamengo to build a stadium in a new location: “I will help”

The new location was mentioned by the Governor as a suggestion made by Rodolfo Landim in the talks

Flamengo may have a new site to build their own stadium in Rio de Janeiro. After talks about Barra da Tijuca and Deodoro, Gasometer area is the proposed new possibility.

In a video posted on social media, The mayor of Rio, Eduardo Paes, revealed that the region was mentioned by President Rodolfo Landim, he said the first obstacle in the negotiations, but said he wanted to help in the talks.

“I was with President Landim. The Olympic Park area is a special area that is getting more difficult. I made a suggestion from Deodoro, because there is Transolympica, the train is coming. Landim came up with the idea of ​​a gas meter. We even launched a station using part of the Gasometer, which is also a private area,” he said.

“I just think that Gasómetro is very close to São Janorio (laughs). It is also a special territory of the Caixa Econômica Federal. On the city council side, no problem, they (Pedro Paolo and Landim) will continue to piss him off. Now, it is negotiations between Flamingo to do with Caixa Economica. I will help.”

In the video, the mayor is shown alongside Federal Deputy Pedro Paolo, who further complicated the negotiations and kept joking with Eduardo about the fact that the governor is from Vasco.

“It is a complex process, this gas meter area is the most valuable in Puerto Maravilla, Flamengo will have to be very adept at a private construction solution in order to finance the stadium. He concluded that the guarantee of the mayor of Vasco is that all efforts will be made for the sake of our long-awaited stadium.”

In an interview with the site General Electricflamingo head, Rodolfo Landim said the stadium moment is to study the available spaces.

“The current stage is to conduct a comprehensive survey of the available areas within Rio, speak to the city council, identify potential logistical bottlenecks, aspects of fan flow, and analyze the feasibility of each of the areas we are looking at,” he noted. .

To be honest, we’re looking at a little bit of everything.See what’s available to try and find the best area for us to delve into these feasibility analyses. But the process is still very preliminary.”