August 15, 2022
Nene and Gabriel Dias return to Vasco against Sampaio Correia;  outside the palaces |  Vasco

Nene and Gabriel Dias return to Vasco against Sampaio Correia; outside the palaces | Vasco

In the midst of numerous embezzlement, good news for Mauricio Sousa. After recovering from the injury, Nene and Gabriel Dias have been linked with traveling with the delegation to São Luis, where Vasco Sampaio will face Correa on Saturday.

Number 10, who was knocked out from the last two games (Sport and Cricioma) with calf pain, trained normally during the week and is related. Its use during the match depends on the technical staff. It’s the same case as Gabriel Dias, who has missed the team in the last four games due to a patellar tendon problem.

A baby in Vasco training – Photo: Daniel Ramalho/CRVG

On the other hand, Mauricio Sousa has two problems at the last minute. a Vasco It was reported Thursday that a mild tendinopathy was found in the left knee of Lasius, who is not traveling to Maranhão.

Palacios complained of pain in the topography of the left patellar tendon, without bouts of contusion or sprain. An imaging examination was performed that showed only mild tendinopathy. However, since pain is a subjective criterion, the athlete was not connected with the trip – the club explained.

Alex Teixeira has been announced, Nene is back in training at Vasco

In addition to the Chilean, Getulio was also absent as he felt pain in the adductor muscle in his left thigh during training on Wednesday. to me VascoHe had already done an imaging test, but the result was not reported.

a Vasco There will also be Thiago Rodriguez, Figueiredo and Andre against Sampaio Correia. Everything is pending for the third yellow card.

Among those included, two new names appear on the roster: Iginaldo and Marlon Gomez have been merged into the professional team this week and will be included for the first time in a first-team match.

Iginaldo is a 17-year-old striker, while Marlon, 18, is a midfielder. They will go through a period of transition. This means that at any time, it could be up and running again in less than 20 years.

Aguinaldo and Marlon Gomez begin transition in Vasco – Photo: Daniel Ramalho/CRVG

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