Neonazisti Beate Chepe was sentenced to life imprisonment

Неонацистке Беате Чепе присудили пожизненное заключение

The Munich court today issued a final verdict in the case of neonazisti Beate Chepe, the participants of the terrorist group responsible for killing 10 people between S2000 and 2007, and several lesser crimes, including a series of robberies.

On Wednesday, July 11, reports The Times of Israel.

Note that the 43-year-old citizen of Germany stood at the origins of the radical right-wing group “National socialist underground” (NSU), which had about two hundred followers.

According to the newspaper, the four men were convicted of supporting groups in different ways and sentenced to prison at the age from 2 to 10 years.

As you know, the trial lasted 5 years and has become one of the longest in the country.

Earlier Chepe said that after all these years in prison it’s hard for her to speak and she can’t concentrate, but recalled that she came to confess and repent all.

However, the woman claims that have not participated in the murder and knows nothing about the choice of victims. The defendant stated that he did not want murders and long do not adhere to neo-Nazi views. She also stated that “still shocked by the entire incident and it’s weighing on her.”

In the group of NSU in addition to the Chepe was Mundlos Uwe and Uwe Lenhardt. Nearly 14 years the three lived together in hiding. Mundlos and Bernhard committed suicide in 2011 while trying to arrest, then the Chepe was on fire for a shared flat in the city of Zwickau.

Men accused of killing ten people and two explosions. In addition, Mundlos and Bernhard shot the policewoman, Michele Kiesewetter, who was 22 years old. In almost all cases, the killings were motivated by hatred of foreigners.


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