August 18, 2022
Netflix suspends operations in Russia after clashes with Putin

Netflix suspends operations in Russia after clashes with Putin

Today, Netflix announced the complete discontinuation of its services on Russian soil. In the midst of the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

Thursday (3), platform flow It has already halted production of at least four original Russian films and series Which should be launched on the platform in the coming months. The company is tracking brands like Apple, TikTok, Nike, Boeing, Visa, Mastercard and Paypal, which also ceased operations in the region after the attack began.

The broadcasting giant also previously refused to comply with the Kremlin’s order to show state-owned televisions in its catalog.

“Due to conditions on the ground, we have decided to suspend our service in Russia,” a Netflix spokesperson confirmed in a statement to US magazine Variety.

The platform has more than 1 million subscribers in the country. No new signups will be accepted, but the company’s statement did not say if and to what degree existing accounts would be affected, according to Bloomberg.

In addition to companies opting to suspend operations in Russia, other companies have also suffered sanctions from the Russian government itself, such as Grupo Meta, the parent company of Facebookwhat or what She says she suffers from employment restrictions in the country After her platform refused to stop verifying the information.