July 14, 2024

Netflix will give away 40 free games to its subscribers in 2023

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Netflix will give away 40 free games to its subscribers in 2023
Netflix will give away 40 free games to its subscribers in 2023

Netflix recently announced that it intends to release more games on its streaming platform. In all, 40 new titles are expected in 2023 alone, which should gradually become available to subscribers each month.

The entertainment giant also informed fans that there are at least 70 games in development with its partners and another 16 being produced with its original label, while maintaining its commitment to finding highly attractive options for those who love this type of product.

In addition, Netflix expects to be able to provide audiences with increasingly diverse content, including games of different styles and genres, such as action-adventure, RPG, puzzle, indie, and even award-winning games.

In this context, the platform has also been betting on games that dialogue directly with other broadcast content. The company cites success Playing with Fire: Love is at playbased on reality He plays with fire (Too hot to handleoriginally), whose versions are accumulating in different countries, and will win very soon.

New Netflix games in 2023

Earlier this year, it was released by Netflix Bravehearts: Going Home, which is part of the exclusive Ubisoft Broadcast Pack. And so, on April 18th, the company rolls around Great Quest: Rogue’s Palacewhich is set in the same universe as The great quest for epic loot.

But before that, on March 28, Tera Neal will become available. It’s a production focused on landscapes, which can be challenging, unpredictable, and thought-provoking.

It should also be noted High water Available now on Netflix for anyone who wants to have fun. According to the official synopsis, after the world as we know it ends, there is an expedition scheduled to Mars, the Red Planet.

Explore a flooded planet, discover islands, and make allies. Can you escape in time? In the midst of a climate catastrophe, the flooded Hightower has become a kind of haven between two parched regions: Warzone, an almost completely ruined land, and Alphaville, a fortified city where The elite are hiding from the world., Netflix reported.

Finally, the franchise Monument Valley It should hit the platform in 2024, along with an exclusive game that has not yet been released, but is based on production by the streaming giant.

Looking forward to these releases? So stay tuned and be sure to check it out!

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