March 26, 2023

Netizen posts the current photo next to Bolo Yeung and Chong Li from ‘The Great White Dragon’

Cast the Great White Dragon

Photo – Playback / The Cannon Group / Warner Bros. Pictures the pictures

Actor Bolo Yeung played the role of the character Chung Leethe main antagonist Jean-Claude Van Damme in “The big white dragonKnown for his catchphrase, “So good, but the brick is irresistible,” the villain was fondly remembered by fans.

Bolo started his career appearing in small roles and started playing villains and henchmen due to his large physical size. During the 1970s, he met the great master Bruce Lee, and became one of his students.

In 1973, he played the role of Master Han (Shih Kien) in the classic movie “Enter the Dragon”. The experience was very positive for his career, and Young landed other notable roles alongside Lee.

His trademark in the movies was the “Fight Without Looking” style, which made him one of the most cartoonish villains of the time. Polo gained prominence opposite Van Damme in The Great White Dragon.

Considered by many to be the real star of the movie, he was also responsible for many amazing catchphrases such as “You broke my record, now I’m going to break you like you broke that friend of yours.”

The star was born in Guangzhou, China and is currently 76 years old. Netizen Jonas Correia had the opportunity to meet Bolo Yeung recently and shared a photo with the actor on his profile.

“I am delighted to meet Paulo Young and involve him in our project”Jonas wrote in the caption, quoting the 76-year-old star.