November 30, 2022
Neurosurgeons explain the excitement of Rodrigo Mossi in the intensive care unit.  understand

Neurosurgeons explain the excitement of Rodrigo Mossi in the intensive care unit. understand

Rodrigo Mussi’s team updated the clinical status of the former BBB22, on Monday (4/4), revealing that his recovery is still slow, but the influencer managed to squeeze the finger of his brother Diogo and Very agitated in hospital bed. LeoDias column spoke to neurosurgeons to understand more about the process and discovered that Rodrigo’s arousal is normal during the extubation process.

Dr. Wanderlei Sirqueira, a neurosurgeon in Sao Paulo, said that during a previous BBB 22 extubation, the medical and nursing team often noticed these faster movements of Rodrigo because the human body tends to react mechanically at this time. “This induction is natural and occurs mechanically. Rodrigo Mossi was and still is anesthetic and intubated so that the body can resist surgical procedures, intracranial catheters and intubation. After the operation comes monitoring and extubation (Removal of the oxygen tube from the trachea), which he will gradually pass, causing his irritation,” said the doctor.

Until all the anesthesia is removed from the patient’s body, these almost “involuntary” movements will be repetitive, Wanderley explains: “You see, the entire medical process, apart from the multiple traumas from the car accident, is very surgical and it is. The body, with lower doses of sedation, has this ‘will’ to react, move and expel all the foreign equipment in the body.”

The column also spoke with Dr. Custódio Michailowsky Ribeiro, a neurologist at Albert Sabine Hospital in São Paulo: “He underwent surgery which increased intracranial pressure, but the brain continues to function. He (Rodrigo MusaTo control this cerebral pressure, however, ‘brain lethargy’ and as days go by, it is necessary to reduce the doses of anesthetics during the extubation process. It is normal for the patient to wake up disturbed. The tube in the trachea in the hospital is very uncomfortable and this irritates the patient.”

Dr. Custódio rated former BBB Rodrigo Mussi’s reaction as positive. “Only because he shakes hands and moves his legs is because he is conscious and continues without helplessness. This is positive, as there was no damage to the brain parenchyma (brain tissue), which makes its prognosis very good. He is young, the surgery was successful and the anesthesia is slowly tapering off. If cranial pressure does not worsen, extubation will follow. The neurologist concluded that such agitation is normal in the medical routine.

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