October 3, 2023
"Never say never" · TV news

“Never say never” · TV news

Sergio Maron The courtship of Marissa returned with free and spontaneous pressure. She posted a song on Twitter on Sunday (9) but deleted it minutes later. The fans of the singer played the role of cupid and went to charge the actor in a live broadcast on social media. Embarrassed, the artist promised that he would not leave sartaniga in the void.

“Did Marisa send me a message? Which one? Why are you guys putting up this pile of Marisa, guys? So I can date her?” , Enjoy your beloved in the registry. He added, “I’ll check it out on Twitter later, okay?”.

“I saw what I wrote in my last tweet, sorry, it was deleted. Marisa, don’t say never,” he wrote. Duo Meara I followed all the action and was also ashamed of the attitude of the netizens.

“You guys were living the boy’s life,” she joked. “He was shy. That way I’ll stay with my aunt.” The singing began when the singer commented on a photo of the actor: “Hello, my name is Marisa. Do you come here often?”.

After not responding, I regretted it. “I’m traveling here, right? I won’t get a chance with Sergio Marron,” he said, later omitting both comments.

Check out the backlash on social media below: