September 29, 2023
Ethan é um dos principais personagens de <i>Mundo Estranho</i>

New Disney movie has a ‘gay’ hero

strange worldthe new movie from The Walt Disney Company, features an unapologetic hero gay🇧🇷 In theaters since Thursday the 24th, the film tells the story of Ethan Clade, a 16-year-old black boy who falls in love with another boy.

It is the first time the North American company has portrayed an LGBT+ character in a prominent role. The decision comes eight months after former employees accused the producer of censoring scenes sodomy in your movies🇧🇷 In June, three months after the allegations, Pixar released Light yeara movie featuring a kiss by a gay couple🇧🇷

date of strange world It takes place in the lands of Avalonia, which depend on a certain power plant. Upon learning that the vegetables are threatened with contamination, Ethan’s family takes action to save the local farms. On the way, the heroes come across dangerous creatures.

Jabuki Young-White, Ethan’s American voice actor, said the LGBT+ agenda naturally works in the film. “It’s not something that keeps congratulating itself, it’s not something that keeps announcing itself,” he said in an interview with the magazine. diverse🇧🇷 “It’s something that’s accepted as a natural reflection of our reality. I think that’s what got me most excited about Ethan.”