February 6, 2023

New function to increase the limit of surprises for Banco Inter customers

Nowadays, many people who have a credit card may have problems with their limit. Usually, when someone requests the card, the financial institution performs an automated analysis that takes into account several factors, usually related to the applicant’s financial health.

However, since many people are facing a delicate financial situation, the available limit may not be enough. However, Banco Inter customers can count on a function that allows them to increase their credit limit in a simple way. See more below.

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New function to increase the limit

Banco Inter has a new function to increase the credit limit for its customers, Poupança plus Limite. Through it, the credit card users of the organization can change their limits according to the amount in the bank’s savings.

In other words, Banco Inter customers have the possibility to reserve part of the savings amount to reflect this amount as a credit card limit.

All Banco Inter customers can use the new feature, provided they have a credit card and savings of at least R$100.

The entire process can be done in a few steps directly through the Banco Inter request, without the need for the institution’s approval.

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How can Banco Inter customers do this?

The first step, as mentioned earlier, is to get a card and have at least R$100 in Banco Inter savings. After that, the customer can decide whether he wants to use the entire amount of savings or only part of it for maximum transfer.

However, before confirming the operation, the interested party must be sure that they want to reserve this part for this, because once the money is reserved for this job, it will still be blocked.

For example, let’s say someone has a limit of R$500, but wants to increase it to R$1,000. In this way, Banco Inter customers can deposit up to R$500 in savings and choose to transfer all of that money as a maximum.

Thus, the new limit will soon be R$1,000 and R$500 of savings will be blocked from being used. However, as far as it is blocked, the amount will continue to return normally.

On the other hand, if the customer no longer needs this limit, he can choose to release the amount of R$500 from the credit limit and return it to the savings.

Nubank has a similar function

Nubank has a similar function, where customers can increase the limit by up to R$5,000. For this, the step is the same: you need to deposit the amount into the account and then convert it into a credit line.

Thus, once the full or partial amount has been used as a line of credit, the customer will need to pay their bill to release it again.

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