December 2, 2023

New gasoline price shocks Brazilians; Check the fuel value in the pumps

Gasoline has been one of the most talked about topics lately. This is because their values ​​are not completely stable. Petrobras has been criticized by several discussions for not imposing the same from the international market.

Some experts have even commented on a possible link to the elections. However, now that the polls are over, the company has raised the amount of fuel again. Find out how much the pumps cost.

New gasoline price shocks Brazilians;  Check the fuel value in the pumps
Will gasoline continue to change? – Image: Disclosure

The most expensive gasoline

Gasoline rose again. This is the third time in a row over the past few weeks. Gas stations have already started charging for fuel, a value that Brazilians cannot afford.

In the past week, which ended on the 29th, the average price rose from R$4.88 to R$4.91. Thus, an increase of 0.6% could be observed, and the place with the highest value found is Pará. In this region, a liter went to R$ 5.79.

Even increasing the amount, the gap with respect to the international market is very large. The Brazilian Association of Fuel Importers (Abicom) made calculations and showed that earlier this week, on the 31st, the lag of gasoline in relation to the import parity price (PPI) reached about 16%.

With this, we can know that if Petrobras did indeed adjust gasoline prices to the world price, it could increase by 16%. This represents an increase of R$0.63 at pumps per liter.

It should be noted that PPI is the policy used by the state-owned company to be able to adjust fuel prices throughout the national territory. However, as research by the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) shows, this does not happen.

Looking at the number, it can be seen that no correction has been made since the beginning of September. At that time there was a 7% decrease in the price of gasoline directly in the country’s refineries.

And what about diesel?

The National Petroleum Agency (ANP) also provides information on diesel. Seems to be a bit better than gasoline. This is because it has become cheaper over the past two weeks.

The average value of the oil ranged from R$6.59 to R$6.56. However, the gap with regard to international values ​​is large. up to 25%. This is equivalent to 1.62 Brazilian reals per liter. Calculations from APICOM.

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What do the experts say?

When asked to comment on this difference, Petrobras comments that the values ​​are not outdated. According to her, the change was associated with some changes in the adoption of different methodologies.

The company comments that the values ​​were already skewed, however, it no longer tracks the lag in relation to the international market. According to the calculations of the state-owned company, gasoline and diesel do not experience changes in the amounts charged.

However, Abicom’s president, Sergio Araujo, says he was surprised by the company’s diagnosis. According to him, a few weeks ago, the institution had above-average values, according to the association’s calculations.

After that, he lowered the prices and began displaying the so-called PPI curves prepared by the company. He also comments that when the values ​​fell, the company quickly passed on the difference in the amount to the consumers. Now with the value increasing, you’re trying not to do conversions.

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gas saving apps

When it comes to high gasoline, absolutely all drivers are looking for ways to save fuel. This is because, the lower the consumption, the lower the cost of supply, which is the focus of individuals at the moment.

Therefore, in the midst of various tips on how to save, drivers end up falling into fallacies, which can jeopardize the operation of the car. However, there are apps out there that actually help you save fuel. some of them:

  • petrol ( – helps to compare when it is worth filling up with gasoline or ethanol;
  • Abastece lá ( – the application is a loyalty program of the Ipiranga network, aimed at exchanging the accumulation of points, from refueling, for various benefits;
  • Shell Fund ( – works in the same way as Abastece Aí, however, it depends on the accuracy of the shell network;
  • excellent ( – This is another loyalty program, but this time it covers all BR-flagged stations;
  • PagBank ( – The app offers 2% cashback to those who provision through the Shell network.

Tricks to save fuel

In addition to applications aimed at providing drivers with more economic means, there are also useful (and real) tips, somewhat practical when it comes to saving fuel. are they:

  • avoid excessive and severe acceleration – when the car is forced to accelerate too fast, it needs more effort, which leads to “pulling” more fuel;
  • braking – as with severe acceleration, sudden braking has the same effect;
  • gear shifting – shifting gears at the perfect time, in addition to being a driving criterion, prevents the car from making too much effort, using less fuel;
  • Tires – Maintaining tires is always very essential;
  • Preventive maintenance – it is always good to be aware of the condition of the vehicle, even before a problem occurs;
  • Air conditioning – using air more often causes the car to need more fuel;
  • Open the windows – walk down the street
  • This speed, with the windows open, can bring additional weight to the car, pulling it backwards;
  • Tank Too Full – When the tank is too full, the vehicle ends up being too heavy, as in the case of open windows.

Brand new updates on gasoline

When considering the constant fluctuations in the price of fuel, especially gasoline, it is correct to consider the value that goes to the pumps, to reach the pockets of Brazilians.

Well, in general, after the third consecutive week of hikes, the price of gasoline has reached the range of R$4.91 per liter. That is, the value is up a few cents, when looking at a liter, compared to the initial price of R$4.88.

Therefore, as the value of fuel increases, a big question arises: do automatic cars spend more than manuals? Without further ado, the answer is yes.

In other words, automatic cars can spend more, precisely because of the effort that the car itself requires, in order to “run” without handling it. However, the saving tips are also valid for this type of vehicle.

Where do you find the cheapest gasoline in the world

When considering the rising price of gasoline, in addition to searching for tricks and tips aimed at saving fuel, another alternative for drivers is to find places where fuel can be cheaper.

Thus, unfortunately, Brazil is far from being one of the countries where fuel is among the cheapest in the world. However, the classification Among the countries with the cheapest gasoline in the world:

  1. Venezuela – 0,022 US dollars;
  2. Libya – 030 US dollars;
  3. Iran – 0.053 US dollars;
  4. Algeria – 0.327 US dollars;
  5. Kuwait – 0.340 US dollars;
  6. Angola – 0.370 USD;
  7. Turkmenistan – 0428 US dollars;
  8. Kazakhstan – 0.440 US dollars;
  9. Nigeria – 0.441 US dollars;
  10. Malaysia – 0.450 USD,

It is necessary to note that the listed values ​​\u200b\u200b correspond to the price per liter, taking into account the dollar.