March 31, 2023

New logic test answered in just 10 seconds

You will have to put your thinking skills to the test in this Logic test to separate. The biggest challenge of them is that to find the answer, it is necessary to obey a time of 10 seconds.

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Certainly, the people who are more skilled and experienced with this type of test will be the ones who will face it more easily. However, nothing prevents beginners from getting the answer right away and in record time.

We are faced with a very simple challenge that does not require hours of thinking to find the correct answer. You only need to pay attention to the details to know the logic of the test.

How do you correctly test logic?

look at the picture And find out the number that completes it correctly. There are two consecutive circles and then there is a square that must be followed by another square. Your task is to find which of the shapes (a, b, c, d) represents the answer to the puzzle.

Remember that you will have only 10 seconds to solve the problem and provide the correct answer. The squares should follow the same logic observed in the two circles.

Set the timer, take a closer look at the numbers and start your logic test now. The answer can be found below.

Watch out for spoilers! Check the answer to the problem

Ten seconds are up and you still can’t figure out the answer a test? Then it is time to check and interpret the result.

I noticed that the two circles are identical, but what changes from one to the other is that they are rotated by 90 degrees. Therefore, the same should happen with the box.

Therefore, the only viable alternative is C, which is the same square rotated by 90 degrees. Did you notice? The answer was very simple, just pay close attention to the details and the logic behind the test.