May 28, 2023

New mixed reality glasses from Microsoft at amazing prices

a Microsoft Once again, mixed reality is being revolutionized. HoloLens 2 has been promising for some time. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been some delay in launching the mixed reality glasses in Brazil.

This new product is not intended solely for entertainment purposes, as is the case with other mixed reality glasses from other brands. This is because they were created specifically for professional use, such as in the field of medicine and schools. In addition to benefiting other companies from various sectors.


Upon launch in US soil, in 2019, mixed reality glasses arrived at an average cost of US$3,000, which means just over R$18,000. However, upon arriving in Brazil, years later, the reality is very different.

At the current price, two versions of the product, the traditional HoloLens 2 and the HoloLens Industrial Edition, cost R$40,500 and R$57,500, respectively.

Photo: Darlan Helder/G1

After all, what are these glasses?

The innovation of these glasses, which makes them different from the rest, lies in what the developers call mixed reality. This is because they have installed cameras and sensors that provide the opportunity to interact with virtual objects and physical objects.

This means surgeries can be performed remotely, as well as repairs to some equipment that can be performed even if a specialist is not on site. Another possible application of the product would be in the decoration of the environment, which would be designed in an empty room.

In the near future, Microsoft plans to integrate the artificial intelligence found in ChatGPT into mixed reality glasses. However, this is a project far from realization. With HoloLens it is also possible to download games.

But, even if the product arrives years after its launch, the new equipment is much more advanced than the first commercial venture. Now, according to Microsoft, the ends are made of carbon fiber, which makes the glasses much lighter when used.