February 5, 2023

New mobile phone? WhatsApp makes it easy to transfer conversations between devices

whenever someone did Replacing a mobile phone with a newer modelThe hardest part is to configure all the apps before you actually start using the device. However, the new WhatsApp feature promises to make it easier to transfer conversations from one cell phone to another.

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Therefore, the novelty dispenses with the use of Google Drive when transferring this data between devices. However, it should be noted that the tool is being tested in the WhatsApp Beta for android At present, there are no expectations of expanding the functionality to include Iphone (iOS). There is also no exact date for the arrival of the new interface for all users.

Turn on the device

The new feature will be available within the WhatsApp application itself. In this way, it will not be necessary to use Google Drive to transfer chats between devices, simplifying operations.

For the procedure to be possible, users have to grant some permissions to the app, one of which is access to mobile media.

However, the new function seems to have a very simple interface. With it, it will only be necessary to click “Startto start the process of transferring chats between devices.

However, it is not yet known if it will be possible to choose which conversations will be subject to migration between devices. So far, it is known that there will be a possibility to migrate the entire history of the application.

Finally, there is still no exact date for the end of the tests, just as there is no expectation that the new functionality will be available to all users The WhatsApp.