February 1, 2023

New Pix transaction cap rules start Monday

New rules for Pix transaction limits start to apply from Monday (2). With the changes, BC (Central Bank) Instant Payment System operations will no longer have a limit value for each transaction.

It will be possible, for example, to transfer the entire daily limit available on the account in a single transfer. There will also be no limit on transfers to accounts of legal entities, such as corporations, which will now be determined according to the rules of each financial institution.

Another change is the night limit. Users will be able to choose whether they want the time period that sets the value of nighttime operations to start only after 10pm, and not after 8pm, as is currently the case.

Other new rules refer to the withdrawal and exchange features of the tool. Currently, it is possible to withdraw only R$500 via Pix during the day and R$100 at night. Starting in 2023, the limits will increase to R$3,000 and R$1,000, respectively.

Amendments in border management for customers through the app or the organization’s digital channel will only be valid from July 3, 2023.

The BC also encouraged changes to the Pix regulation to make it easier for money to be received by bank correspondents, as is already the case with lottery outlets, and to enable the national treasury to pay salaries, retirements, and annuities through the system.

The central bank announced the changes in December. With this, the Foundation intends to offer more security and flexibility to the millions of Brazilians who have already joined the tool.

On December 20, Pix broke a single-day transaction record, crossing the 100 million mark for the first time. In total, users of the system performed 104.1 million operations on the day the last installment of the 13th salary was paid.

Pix completed two years last November, with guaranteed attendance in the routine 60% of Brazilians (127.8 million). Since its launch, BC Tool has already completed more than 26 billion transactions, which total about R$13 trillion.

Pix is ​​already accepted by 81.4% of Brazilian e-commerce, while Boleto is in the routine of 75.8% of sellers. Credit card payment is possible at all vendors.

Check for changes

• Limit per transaction is no longer mandatory, retaining only the limit per time period.

• Determination of transaction limits for end users who are legal entities is at the discretion of each organization.

• Contrasting night schedule customization becomes optional.

• Modification of the standard to set transaction limits for the purpose of purchasing, as the standard is now TED, and no longer a debit card.

• Increased limits for withdrawing funds through Pix Saque and Pix Troco transactions, from R$500.00 during the day and R$100.00 during the night, to R$3,000.00 and R$1,000.00 respectively.