February 5, 2023

New price for cooking gas Surprise customers: check the price

The new value of the gas surprises thousands of Brazilians. Over the past week, several product modifications have provided something to talk about among Brazilians. Therefore, it is worth knowing the new value to think about whether there will be savings.

With the news, some people will be able to celebrate. This is because the item is essential in everyday life. So it is expected that its value will decrease so that everyone has the right to cook.

Find out more about the new cost of cooking gas – Photo: jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

New gas value

Recently the value of cooking gas has fallen. With that, many Brazilians are already celebrating. This is because the value has been a bit high lately.

After several increases, Petrobras brought the information that cooking gas had undergone a depreciation. Thus, according to the enterprise, the amount will be reduced when sold to distributors. This brings the reduction to 5.3%.

According to the company, the reduction follows the alleged reference prices. Thus, she explains, it is consistent to work in search of market value equilibrium.

In this way, the value decreases by about R$2.60. This amount affects the amount that Petrobras charges for a conventional 13kg drum. Therefore, the company gets R$46.59 each.

However, it is important to understand that this value is not the same for the consumer. This amount is the amount used for small businesses to purchase. Then there is the addition of transport values ​​and others.

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consumer prices

It is clear that the modification of Petrobras will reach the end consumer. However, a very big change cannot be expected. Thus, with the addition of distributors, the values ​​increase in scale.

Therefore, the average cylinder value decreased by only 0.3%. In this way, it stops costing R$110.19 and goes to R$109.85. This value was taken from research conducted by the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP). It should be noted that until last month, gas was on an upward trajectory.

Gas coupon

As we have seen, the value of the traditional gas cylinder is not low. For this reason, the government has a new payment method. In this way, the Vale-Gás Social Program aims to facilitate access to this product.

Thus, the Federal Government provides for this purpose an amount equivalent to 50% of the price of the cylinder. However, in recent months, Brazilians have gotten 100% of the product. This was only possible after approval of the PEC benefits.

However, this is the last month that Brazilians will be able to access this amount. As of January, Vale-Gás has returned to its traditional payments. It should be noted that the transfer is always done with Auxílio Brasil. See this month’s calendar.

  • Dec 12 receive NIS recipients ending Dec 1;
  • December 13th receiving recipients from NIS ending December 2nd;
  • December 14 recipients ending with 3 shekels receive;
  • December 15 Recipients ending in 4 shekels receive;
  • December 16 Recipients who end up in 5 shekels receive;
  • December 19 Recipients ending with 6 shekels receive;
  • Dec 20th receiving recipients from NIS ending Dec 7th;
  • Dec 21 receives NIS recipients ending Dec 8;
  • Dec 22 receives NIS recipients ending Dec 9;
  • Dec 23 recipients ending with 0 shekels receive.

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Gas saving tips

Helping save on cooking gas is always welcome, and when you think about it, we’ve given you a few tips. First of all, it is necessary to note the color of the fire, because this factor can show signs of impurities accumulated in the nozzles of the furnace or stove. In this way, the flame should be blue.

Another important factor is to keep the stove up to date, as this can help reduce gas consumption. Burners may have clogged mouths that do not usually change the color of the flame or even cause a leak, which can cause them to run out of gas very quickly.

It is also important to know that preparing ingredients and organizing the kitchen can be a great contributor when it comes to saving on cooking gas. Thus, if you tend to turn on the stove before cleaning your work area and unplugging the ingredients, chances are you’ll be wasting gas for nothing.

Will gas vouchers be introduced in 2023?

On January 1, 2023, President-elect Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva will rule the country. Thus, the new government intends to return with the Bolsa Família, which will replace the current Auxílio Brasil.

Due to the government transition, many people doubt whether Vale-gás will also continue to offer it, as the feature was created during the Bolsonaro government (PL). The expectation is that the program will continue to pay, because it was created by law.

In addition, the original gas voucher payment is equivalent to 50% of the average price of a 13kg kitchen gas cylinder. But starting in August, through a constitutional amendment, the government began to release 100% of the value of the cylinder, however, the December installment is the last of this amount.