January 29, 2023

New state law includes newborns in both parents’ health plans

Four people were killed by bullets fired by a 16-year-old, three teachers and a student.

Two teachers and two students, victims of the attacks in two schools in Aracruz (ES), last Friday (25), are still hospitalized in serious condition in intensive care units (ICUs). A fifth victim also remains in hospital, but his condition is considered stable.

Four people were killed by bullets fired by a 16-year-old, three teachers and a student.

According to a bulletin issued on Sunday morning (27) by the Minister of Health of Espiritu Santo, two women, aged 45 and 52, have been admitted in serious condition in the intensive care unit of State Hospital Dr. Jaime dos Santos Nieve, in Serra (Spain).

The Minister of Education of Espírito Santo confirmed through a press office that they are teachers. The women were taken by helicopter to a hospital in Serra, 60 km from Aracruz.

On Saturday, teacher Flávia Amboss Merçon Leonardo, 36, died in the same hospital. Sociology teacher at Primo Betty State School has been hospitalized in very serious condition.

Flavia was active in MAB (Movement of People Affected by Dams) and in April defended her PhD thesis in anthropology at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) on the consequences of the environmental disaster in the Marianas for the people of the Espiritu Coast. Santo.

According to the medical bulletin, an 11-year-old who underwent surgery, and a 14-year-old who also required surgery and intubation, are also in serious condition. The two students are in the Nossa Senhora da Gloria State Hospital in Vitoria.

A fifth infected person, a 58-year-old teacher, was hospitalized at the Emergency and Emergency Hospital of São Lucas State, in the capital, Vitoria. She underwent surgery and her condition was considered stable, according to the Department of Health.

Two other women, aged 37 and 40, were hospitalized in the ward of Hospital E Maternidad São Camilo, in Aracruz. According to a bulletin issued on Saturday afternoon, their condition is stable in the ward.

How were the attacks?

The other three fatalities occurred in the shooting attacks on two schools, one public and one private, on Friday.
A 16-year-old former student, transferred in June from the state school and the son of a military police officer, has been arrested on suspicion of the crime. Material bearing the swastika, a Nazi symbol, was collected from his home.
The attacks were recorded at Primo Betty Public School and Praia de Coqueral Private Education Center School, close to each other, in the municipality of 104,000 inhabitants in the interior of Espírito Santo.

The action began in the public school, where two people were killed and nine others injured, according to Espiritu Santo, Secretary of Public Security and Social Defense, Marcio Silante.

The shooter entered the building around 9 a.m. after breaking the lock. The work took place inside the teachers’ room. The two teachers, Sibyl Passos Bezera Lara, 45, and Maria da Penha Pereira, 48, died.
After the initial attack, he drove to the Praia de Coqueiral Education Center, which is private and located in the same road, about a kilometer away. At the scene of the accident, the teenager caused three more victims, all of them students. One of them, Celina Sagrelo Zucoloto, 12, died.

The suspect in the crime was arrested around 3:30 pm, in the same city. According to Governor Renato Casagrande (PSB), he studied at Primo Pitti until June, when he was transferred at his family’s request.

The student was going to use two of his weapons to commit the attacks, a semi-automatic handgun and a handgun, according to the Civil Police. The car used to travel to the two schools was also owned by the father.

“He had planned this action for two years, but he did not say why. […] He was in shock, but he was calm, and we couldn’t tell if he showed remorse,” said Joao Francisco Filho, director of the Northern District Police of Espírito Santo.
The teenager was taken to Iases (Institute for Educational Social Assistance of Espírito Santo), in Carriasica, in the metropolitan region of Vitória.

Police are investigating whether the teen helped plan or was encouraged to commit the crime. For this purpose, access to the cell phone that has already been seized and to the computers used by him will be required. The goal is to find out if he is participating in any online network or forum that promotes extremism and hate speech, and whether there is an exchange of information about the attack in advance.

Another line of investigation will analyze the accessibility of the two firearms and other items used in the attacks. The weapons, a Glock automatic pistol and a . 38-caliber handgun, are for the functional and private use of the teen’s father, who is a military police officer.

To get from one school to another, a kilometer away, he drove his father’s car. The police will investigate whether the officer knew the son was interested in firearms and how the young man learned to use them.
The municipality of Aracruz declared official mourning until Sunday due to the attacks on the two schools.

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