February 6, 2023

New technology will be able to predict and avoid natural disasters

A fact that computers can predict future events It was something that was only predicted in Hollywood movies, however, now, things could be different thanks to the research he led Massachusetts Institute of Technology (The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in English, otherwise known as MIT).

However, MIT is not alone, developing new research related to the topic at the company Brown Universityfrom Providence, Rhode Island.

The idea of ​​being able to analyze the moment when certain events could happen, like a pandemic, an earthquake, wars, and many other examples, wasn’t something tangible for a machine to be able to predict, after all they didn’t. You have a set period to occur, on the contrary.

Check out the excerpt he mentioned George Karniadakisa Brown University professor who is also the author of this study, addressed this topic.

“A pandemic like COVID-19, an environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, an earthquake, a massive wildfire in California, a 100-foot wave that capsizes a ship — these are rare events, and because they are rare, they don’t have much historical data.”

Karniadakis further asks:

We don’t have enough samples from the past to predict the future. The question is, what is the best possible data that we can use to reduce the number of data points we need? “

After a lot of research related to the topic, the scientists who are part of this project were able to find an algorithm that has the ability to predict, without having a large amount of information about the topic, which is an essential part to solve the problem in question. .

This was only possible thanks to the technology used in high-level equipment developed by Brown University, which is able to carry out brief forecasts, as well as highlight what could be possibilities For a specific event, even providing information on natural disasters, such as marine earthquakes and earthquakes.

How it works?

The answer that scientists expected comes after applying a technology called “active learning”, and in a way, the information provided to the device makes it recognize what was said, which makes it able to provide important data about the subject. In other words, it turns a little into a lot.

Associated with this technology is a form called “DeepOnet”, which is nothing more than a file Artificial intelligence It can process large data sets at a very accelerated speed, which calculates the probability of a particular event.