December 8, 2022
Novo visto de trabalho para brasileiros em Portugal passa a valer neste domingo (30)

New work visa for Brazilians in Portugal to come into force on Sunday (30) – News

Several changes to Portugal’s foreigners’ law come into effect on Sunday (30), among them a new work visa for Brazilians, who now have the chance to find a job in the country within 120 days (with the deadline extended by more than 60 days).

A lawyer specializing in Portuguese immigration and citizenship Mauricio Gonçalves, who has been working in Portugal for 22 years, says that a work visa can be requested in the country for any profession, with a mandatory equivalency of a foreign university degree and registration in the profession. Regulated professions.

Gonçalves explains that the possibility of obtaining a visa is invalid for Brazilians who have had a criminal conviction of three years or more.

The visa application must be submitted in the country of origin or legal residence of the person concerned. To apply, you must have a return ticket, health insurance and a proven financial reserve to stay in the country while you are looking for a job.

The speed of demand is linked to the labor shortage and the large increase in the Portuguese elderly population. The opportunity could also increase the immigration of Brazilians to the region, the main foreign national residing in the country, nearly a third of the total (29.3%), according to data from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Border Service (SEF). Foreign Affairs of Portugal.

This year, immigration has also been facilitated for Brazilians seeking to go to the country with Portuguese Nationality. In April of this year, a change in the Portuguese Nationality Law stated that speaking Portuguese is a sufficient predicate for anyone wishing to apply for the document. Previously, it was necessary to demonstrate an effective connection with the state in the past five years, which significantly limited the acquisition of citizenship.