September 28, 2022
New York attorney general sued Donald Trump and his three children for fraud |  Globalism

New York attorney general sued Donald Trump and his three children for fraud | Globalism

New York State Attorney General Letitia James announced on Wednesday (21) a civil lawsuit against the former president of the United States. United StateAnd the Donald TrumpAnd the Three of their children (Eric, Ivanka and Donald Trump Son.)after investigating the tax practices of its group of companies, The Trump Organization.

“We are taking legal action against Donald Trump “For breaking the law in order to make a profit for him, his family and his company,” the plaintiff said at a press conference.

For James, the attorney, Trump’s annual financial statements were a mixture of lies: the annual records (which include the company’s estimated value of its property and debts) inflate the value of nearly all of its important holdings.

The company rejected external audit ratings. One of the banks even estimated the value of one of the company’s buildings at $200 million; However, the Trump family put the asset at a value of over $400 million.

The lawsuit filed by the attorney general says 11 of Trump’s annual financial statements have more than 200 incorrect asset valuations.

Get Trump out of Trump Organizations

Prosecutors are asking Justice to appoint a company intervenor to investigate the company’s practices and remove Trump from business leadership.

In addition, the family can go five years without being able to buy real estate in New York.

The lawsuit also calls for the four to be barred from serving as corporate legal directors in New York.

In 2021, the CFO of Trump’s organizations turned himself in to the authorities. See the report from that moment below.

Trump Organization chief financial officer surrenders to New York authorities

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