September 24, 2023

News from France and the region

Disclosure / Unifran
Owl: One of the Birds Recorded in the Citizen Science Project

The project Citizen science, the graduate program in animal sciences at Unifran (University of Franca), identifies bird species and how often they are seen in urban and rural areas of Franca, through the collaboration of populations through photography. The project began in October 2021, with the aim of encouraging residents to record, through photography, the presence of wild birds in the rural and urban areas of the municipality. Some of the project’s objectives are to develop the environmental perception of the French population, to involve them in scientific research and to contribute to the creation of public policies for monitoring and conservation. Photographs taken by residents of Franca must be sent to those responsible for the project, by filling in a file online form. Weekly, photos posted in Project social mediao Accompanied by the history of the bird’s sighting and a description of the habits of the species observed. “The practice of bird watching, known as bird watching, encouraged in all countries where there is a lot of biodiversity, as it is a low-impact educational activity that contributes to environmental awareness and conservation. Citizen Science is an ally for conservation, because in addition to producing scientific knowledge, it has the potential to expand the network of people committed to sustainability”, explains Professor Marcela Aldrovani Rodriguez, Project Coordinator. The data collected in the project is published to Brazilian Biodiversity Information Systemfrom the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, integrating a wide national network of information on Brazilian biodiversity and ecosystems.