May 31, 2023

Next to Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck slams car door and yells: “Huge fight”; Video – Radio Itatiaia

Ben Affleck, 50, was seen unfriendly when he approached his car alongside Jennifer Lopez, 53. At that time, the Hollywood actor forcefully slammed the car door and even gestured, as if he was complaining about something. The video went viral on social media on Thursday (11).

In the photos, Ben and Jennifer walk to the car, and the actor opens the door for her and then slams her hard, obviously uncomfortable. Jennifer, who is wearing sunglasses, goes to the car as she looks down.

On social networks, Ben’s position divided opinions. “You just need to know how Ben Affleck closing that door led to a huge fight,” said one.

“What’s going on with Ben Affleck…he seems to be carrying all the world’s problems on his shoulders,” reflected another person.

However, some netizens “took a nap” for Ben by speculating that he was annoyed by the paparazzi. He commented, “Maybe it’s because he’s been photographed…his look at the camera at the end…he’s pissed off at the paparazzi.”

“He’s angry at the person holding the camera. Stop trying to read people’s thoughts and emotions,” another pics. Ben and Jennifer got married last year at a luxurious ranch in the state of Georgia, in the United States (USA).

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