March 31, 2023
Neymar sends a message to Casemiro after farewell to Real Madrid

Neymar sends a message to Casemiro after farewell to Real Madrid

Casemiro officially bid farewell to Real Madrid on Monday (22) and was introduced to his new club, Manchester United. Neymar took advantage of the atmosphere to pay tribute to the historic steering wheel and sent a message to his friend and Brazilian teammate.

“Kyber, you have become a legend! Congratulations on that and success in the next challenge!” Neymar wrote on social media.

Casemiro won everything for Real Madrid and truly became one of the greats in the club’s history. In nearly 10 years in the meringue, the player has been revealed by Sao Paulo He was a champion in the Champions League five times, three times in the Spanish League and three times in the Club World Cup, in addition to many other national and international cups.

On his farewell, he was conveyed and announced to Real Madrid: “I will try to speak from the heart. I have won many titles, but the biggest was when I go out every day to go to the train. Thank God I won titles but with the help of my family. Yours boss. [Florentino Pérez]. thank you all. Thanks to my teammates, without them this wouldn’t have been possible. But I can’t help but mention two: Modric and Kroos. I really enjoyed playing football with them. “One day I will definitely come back to continue helping this club,” Casemiro said.

Casemiro was present at Old Trafford during Manchester United’s 2-1 win over Liverpool in the Premier League. He was signed by the English club for around £60m on fixed terms and an additional bonus of £10m.

“When you make such an important decision in life, it is always difficult. When the Champions League final was over, I spoke to my manager that I felt like I was ending my cycle here. He told me to go on vacation and come back with a clear head. I came back and had the same feeling. Mission accomplished, Making history. What I’m looking for are new goals, to prove a different league, a different culture. Now I have to prove it at Manchester United. “I didn’t win anything there, I have to prove myself every day,” Casemiro explained in the interview.

A message from the President of Real Madrid to Casemiro

“We are very proud of the history you made at Real Madrid, you played every game here as if it was your last. Real Madrid is a very demanding club and you have contributed a great part to our history. Casemiro, you have been an example to everyone at this club. Everyone has admired you since The day you arrived. Casemiro, for all he did for this club, he earned the right to decide his future. You leave the club as a Real Madrid legend. Thank you so much for making history,” Florentino Perez said.